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  Business and Management  

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Timeless Indian Wisdom Lessons on Business Success, Wealth and Power

Ashu Dutt , Anav Dutt
Timeless Indian strategies for success, wealth and power for today's businesses and individuals. ..more

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Indian Mutual Funds Handbook (4th Edition with a New Chapter)
A Guide for Industry Professionals and Intelligent Investors

Sundar Sankaran

"One of the Top 10 essential reads for Indian Investors — it can change the way you make money"Business World ..more

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Running and Living

Rahul S. Verghese
An inspirational book that shows how running can change your personal and work life forever. ..more

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Indian Economy since Independence
Persisting Colonial Disruption

Arun Kumar
A masterly historical and political survey of India's economic development since independence. A magisterial, seminal work — a "tour de force" — by a renowned economist. ..more

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Asset Liability Management
T. Ravi Kumar
Authoritative work on asset-liability management (ALM), the sophisticated tool for modern risk management in banks. With numerous Indian examples.

"Brilliant ... a must-read for bankers, financial managers and corporate treasurers" ..more

 Price: Rs. 199.00
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Getting Along Better with People
C.N. Parkinson , M.K. Rustomji
This direct, easy to understand book contains pithy, ready-to-apply lessons on how to work smoothly and successfully with other people. Sparkling with brilliance and humour, it is “a treasure-trove for managers and executives at all levels”. ..more

 Price: Rs. 250.00
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Understanding Management
The Key to Better Results in Your Organization

C.N. Parkinson , M.K. Rustomji
Just open this book at any page and almost certainly you will be rewarded with an insight, an idea, a practical tip which you can immediately put into effect for better business results. ..more

 Price: Rs. 1250.00
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Public Private Partnership in Infrastructure
Perspectives, Principles, Practices

R. N. Joshi
"A well researched, analyzed and documented book, comprehensively covering (public private partnership) . . . its principles and implementation, including the best practices to follow and pitfalls to avoid" — E. Sreedharan, Managing Director, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation  ..more

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Indian Economy since Independence (Hard Cover)
Persisting Colonial Disruption

Arun Kumar
A masterly historical and political survey of India's economic development since independence. A magisterial, seminal work by a renowned economist. ..more

 Price: Rs. 495.00
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Creating Risk Capital
A Royalty Fund Solution to the Ownership and Financing of Enterprise

Ian Whalley
This book proposes an innovative solution to creating risk capital for business enterprises that should suit both enterprises and investors alike. It shows how the dual functions of equity — risk capital and ownership capital — can be separated. ..more

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The Good, the Bad, and Your Business
Choosing Right When Ethical Dilemmas Pull You Apart

Jeffrey L. Seglin
Why choosing the right thing to do is the right thing to do in business.

"It's flat out superb" Nancy K. Austin, coauthor, A Passion for Execellence ..more

 Price: Rs. 395.00
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Web-Based Business
How to Open and Operate a Financially Successful Web-Based Business

Beth Williams
How to open and operate a financially successful Web-based business — proven strategies and real-life examples. ..more

 Price: Rs. 190.00
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How to Improve Your Negotiation Skills
Dennis A. Hawver
In this book, the author shows some new techniques based on a 5-year global study of more than 500 successful business negotiators for developing negotiation skills — and when to use them. ..more

 Price: Rs. 250.00
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In Search of Ethical Leadership
Russi M. Lala
By studying the lives, successes and failures of some of the greatest leaders, the bestselling author identifies thirteen qualities of leadership, highlighted by examples from the lives of outstanding leaders. ..more

 Price: Rs. 395.00
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The Complete Guide to E-mail Marketing
How to Increase Your Sales and Profits through E-mail Marketing

Bruce C. Brown
Proven strategies and hundreds of tips for using the successful new method of e-mail marketing to increase your sales and profits. ..more

 Price: Rs. 395.00
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The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Marketing
Pay Per Click Advertising Secrets Revealed

Bruce C. Brown
How to increase sales and profits through the successful new methods of Internet marketing — search engine marketing and pay per click advertising. ..more

 Price: Rs. 750.00
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Risk Pricing
New Approaches to De-Risking Financial Products

Dr Dimitris N. Chorafas
"A new paradigm in risk management" . . . accurate and dependable methods of measuring and managing risk through a correct pricing of various financial products. ..more

 Price: Rs. 495.00
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How to Manage Foreign Exchange Risk
A Guide for Importers, Exporters, Treasury Managers, Bankers and Businessmen

Raghu Palat
How to Manage Foreign Exchange Risk
A vastly experienced banker and financial expert shows how you can risk-proof your business and profits against adverse exchange rate fluctuations. ..more

 Price: Rs. 495.00
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Banking Risks
Management and Audit

S. N. Bidani
The first comprehensive and practical book on the management and audit of banking risks. It deals with the subject in its entirety and lays particular emphasis on its practical aspects based on real-life situations.  ..more

 Price: Rs. 450.00
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The Indian Securities Market
A Guide for Foreign and Domestic Investors

Tadashi Endo
First book to present a comprehensive overview of the operations, regulations and important developments in the Indian capital markets which both foreign and domestic investors will find immensely useful. ..more

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