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Technical Analysis of Stock Trends
NINTH EDITION - Expanded, Updated and Revised

Robert D. Edwards , John Magee , W. H. C. Bassetti
The classic reference used by 1 million plus traders and investors worldwide — expanded, updated and revised.

"#1 all-time classic . . . the best book on chart patterns ever written!"Edward Dobson ..more

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22 Stock Market Trading Secrets
Ashu Dutt

"Up to 50-100% every year from stocks — with low risk. It's true! it's possible!"


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Futures & Options
Introduction to Equity Derivatives

R. Mahajan
"An excellent introduction to derivatives for investors" President, BSE ..more

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The Trader's Guide to Selling Stocks Short
Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply

Matthew G. Young
You can make money when the market is falling by selling short. This book will help you master how to sell short — and profit from it. ..more

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Wall Street and Witchcraft
An Investigation into Extreme and Unusual Investment Techniques

Max Gunther
Some investors play the market in ways that seem weird to the rest of us — but they win! There are those who astrology, tarot cards, witchcraft, magic squares, and other occult practices. Crazy? Maybe. Yet every single one of them is rich. Come, meet them. ..more


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How to Multiply Profits
Profit-Minded CEOs Reveal the Secrets of Multiplying Profits in Good Times and Bad

CEO Speak Series
Lessons you can apply and profit from. Real-world lessons you can’t get anywhere else. ..more

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The Art of Marketing
Top Marketers Reveal the Secrets of Successful Marketing

CEO Speak Series

Packed in this uniquely innovative book is the expertise and experience of top marketing leaders from around the world.

From inside the minds of successful marketers, here are invaluable lessons and real-life examples for all marketers. Lessons you can apply and profit from. Real-world lessons you can’t get anywhere else.



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They May Catch You!
All About Income Tax Investigations, Searches and Surveys

Vinita Chopra
An insider's account, this book demystifies income tax investigations, searches and surveys for the taxpayers. ..more

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How to Save Income Tax through Tax Planning
Practical and time-tested methods for saving income tax

Ram Niwas Lakhotia , Subhash Lakhotia
Packed with practical examples and expert guidance, this is a bestselling tax-saving guide for individuals and HUFs.

"Packed with hundreds of ready-to-use tax saving ideas"The Hindu ..more

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Taxpayer to Taxsaver
(F.Y. 2013-14)

A.N. Shanbhag , Sandeep Shanbhag
Stop being a taxpayer — become a taxsaver, exhorts bestselling authors. And show you how with solutions that work for the current year.
Plus: Solutions to many frequently-encountered problems. ..more


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The A-to-Z of Islam
Ludwig W. Adamec
A handy quick reference on both the message and the spread of Islam from its beginnings in the 6th century to its growth into a major world religion.

"A concise dictionary of Islamic history, religion, philosophy and political movements." ..more


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10 Commandments for Financial Freedom
How to Stop Worrying About Money — Forever!

Mehrab Irani
"These 10 commandments . . . permanently free (you) from money problems."H N Sinor, CEO, Association for Mutual Funds in India ..more

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Michael Kahn
Former chief technical analyst for BridgeNews USA; produces a daily technical market newsletter.

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