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10 Commandments for Financial Freedom
How to Stop Worrying About Money — Forever!
Mehrab Irani 10 Commandments for Financial Freedom : Mehrab Irani : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170948762)
Pages: 376
Price: Rs. 495
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: 9788170948766 / 8170948762
Availability: Yes
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Table of Contents

How to stop worrying about money — forever!

You become financially free when you can stop working for money and when money starts working for you. That's financial nirvana — and this book shows you how to achieve it.

The book takes you on the liberating journey from financial slavery to financial freedom. It contains 10 commandments for wealth creation and wealth preservation which lead to financial freedom. Step-by-step the book helps you fully understand money and its fascinating, elusive behavior, including the best ways to earn, invest, protect, budget, save, spend and multiply your money. It uncovers the unique rules of money and highlights the common financial mistakes which may be stopping you from becoming rich

This book boldly challenges and often upturns — conventional wisdom. It reveals things about money which you may never even have thought of before. Above all, it gives you the roadmap to be financially free forever:

  • The best sources and methods of earning income

  • The best ways to invest

  • How asset allocation is the secret weapon for creating enduring wealth

  • How to pay yourself first via budget surplus

  • How to make money from "thin air"

  • Beware of liabilities disguised as assets

  • How investment assets help set you financially free

  • How to unleash the power of good debt to multiply your wealth

  • How to protect your money from financial predators.


"Money — a problem or a solution? Mehrab tells you how it is neither and then frees you from most of your money woes."  — F.K. Kavarana, Director, Tata Sons

"Mehrab Irani has done a great service to humanity by explaining the ten financial commandments to permanently free us from our money problems. This book is surely destined to instantly become a bestseller because everybody in the world wants to get free from the shackles of their money problems and this book is the best solution to it. This book will someday become an invaluable treasure."  — H N Sinor, CEO, Association for Mutual Funds in India

"Mehrab's first financial planning book seeks to be refreshingly different, where he has used his first hand industry experience to provide insights on how to attain financial independence. With a different way of looking at money, the book attempts to deal with complex financial subjects, and to do so in a manner which everyone can understand."  — Pramit Jhaveri, CEO, Citi India

"The book will serve as a refresher course for the professional investment advisor, a reference book for the seasoned investor and a textbook for the part time investor."  — Pradip Shah, Chairman-IndAsia Fund Advisors P Ltd & Founder, MD, CRISIL

"This outstanding book has seamlessly blended traditional and behavioral finance into ten unique commandments that serve as an able guide to investors along the path of sustained wealth creation and protection. Mehrab's lucid conversational narration of otherwise intricate topics makes this book a wonderful read and a primer to non-professional investors . . . a truly remarkable start by Mehrab."  — Dr Rana Kapoor, MD & CEO, Yes Bank

"A mesmerizing book. Mehrab simplifies and decodes money while providing the reader his perspective on long term wealth creation."  — F N Subedar, Vice Chairman, Tata Investment Corporation Ltd.

"Most people work hard at their jobs. Very few, unfortunately, expect their money to work equally hard for them. Mehrab's book is aimed at helping people do that. He explains how to go about securing your financial independence — something most dream of but only a few plan and achieve."  — Prashant R. Nair, Editor-Markets, NDTV Profit

"A timely book in the ever changing complex global financial world providing a pragmatic way of understanding money, its intricacies and functioning."  — Sanjay Nayar, CEO, KKR India

"The author's unconventional way of addressing conventional problems strikes a chord in everyone."  — Gopal Srinivasan, Chairman & MD, TVS Capital Funds Limited

"Having been privy to some of Mehrab Irani's previous articles, I have no doubt that this book will provide realistic arguments on financial independence."  — Niraj Shah, ET Now

"A hard-nosed look at securing, multiplying and retaining money is combined with folksy wisdom on the role of money. There is no secret formula to get rich but the ten commandments enumerated in the book comprise the essential elements of earning, protecting, budgeting, spending, saving, leveraging, investing and insuring money. A distinguishing feature is the writer's belief that money for its own sake has no meaning unless it is utilized for some higher purpose. The simplicity of the book is enriched by anecdotal evidence, historical perspective and scientific rationale."  — Ruby Anand, Jt MD, Capital Market

"Clear-headed thinking about money matters is hard to find in India. That kind of thinking is the very basis of this book. If you are keen to manage your money smartly, read it and apply the invaluable insights."  — Debashis Basu, Founder, Publisher, Editor, Moneylife

"This book will teach people that wealth, both lack and excess of it, can be a problem if not backed by financial knowledge."  — Milind Barve, Managing Director, HDFC AMC

"One of those books on personal finance that explore the myths of financial planning and admirably tries to unravel them . . . a must read."  — Madhusudan Kela, Chief Investment Strategist, Reliance Capital

"Mr. Irani brings his expert knowledge to the readers which will be of great value to them in making important decisions."  — Dr Atindra Sen, Director General, Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry

"A fascinating book that makes you see money in a different way."  — Manish Chokhani, MD & CEO, Enam Securities Pvt. Ltd.

"Wise investors often say, . . . most people get interested in stocks when everyone else is. That is a poor choice. The time to get interested in stocks is when no one else is. You can't buy what is popular and still do well. In a similar vein, the time to plan for your retirement is when you are young and not when it is staring at you in the face. Treat this book as a Google map steering you in the right direction and helping take you safely to your destination, which of course is financial freedom."  — Ramesh S. Damani, Member, BSE

"This book should help you achieve financial independence by making money work for you, rather than you working for money."  — Sandesh Kikire, CEO, Kotak Mahindra AMC

"Mehrab Irani has done a commendable job of writing this book which will lead you to the right financial path. This book, unlike many others available in the market, is not a text book and yet explains many important concepts in a simple fashion. If you want to learn about money and its behavior in entirety then this is just the book for you. It opens a totally new gateway in the way we think about our savings, insurance, wealth creation, etc. Not just this; the book also enlightens one on how to protect money from the various financial pitfalls once you earn it. I would call this book a must read for what it can deliver to anyone over the years."  — Kailash Kulkarni, CEO, L&T MF

"Mehrab Irani has the ability to demystify complicated financial jargon and turn it into investor friendly tips. This is a book packed with information, advice and suggestions for effective money management."  — Shernaaz Engineer, Editor, Jame-e-Jamshed

"A book that is a must have in these days of fluctuating markets and a challenging economic scenario."  — Ruzbeh J. S. Mistry, Advocate & Solicitor, Partner, M/s Desai and Diwanji

"The author has gone in detail covering various risk areas in the nature of speculation while investing in various asset classes. This in some sense also provide financial security in the form of awareness. And it also provides natural insurance cover as part of the discipline of investing. The book is all about knowing more about each asset class that an investor in India owns. It also goes on to explain the various finer aspects of these asset classes to give a better understanding. Very interesting coverage with length and breadth on various topics. I am sure the readers will find it useful for gaining better insight, knowledge to take informed decisions in their various investment activities. Every investor, rather individual, should have the foresight and discipline to put their money into better and efficient use so that the future is taken care of efficiently. Happy reading."  — Bala Subramanium, CEO, Birla MF

Mehrab Irani

Mehrab Irani is General Manager, Investments, with Tata Investment Corporation in Mumbai. He is a qualified chartered accountant, company secretary and CFA (Level I) with rich experience in investment research, portfolio management and investment banking. He has diversified experience of both equity and fixed income markets, including research, dealing and portfolio management. He has been responsible for managing the portfolios of a third party (mutual fund) and also proprietary money (corporate). He has also experience of investing in different categories of mutual funds including equity, fixed income and cash management.

Mehrab is fired by an almost missionary zeal for spreading financial knowledge among investors and is utterly convinced that it is possible for anyone to become financially free. He has written numerous articles for many finance and investment journals and online websites. He appears on various TV channels in India, like CNBC, ET Now, NDTV Profit, Bloomberg TV, etc.

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