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  Career Guidance  

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Writing for the Media
Sunny Thomas
How to write like a pro for newspapers, magazines, theatre, radio, TV, films, advertising. All the essentials of top-quality news writing with examples drawn from the print and electronic media. ..more

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How to Study in America
A.B. Tiwana
Packed cover-to-cover with insider tips and guidance to help you get into a good American University.
* Ins and Outs of an American Degree * Applications timetable * The tests you need to take *Top ranking American ..more

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Getting a Job in America
Roger Jones
This invaluable handbook provides many of the answers for landing your dream job in the US. * Eligibility for working in the US * Getting a job before you leave
* Looking for a job on arrival * Financial rewards and lifestyle. ..more

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Getting a Job in Australia
Nick Vandome
This step-by-step guide puts key information, facts and contacts right at your finger-tips. Discover where to look for jobs, the best ways to apply for them, and how to avoid problems in the workplace. ..more

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U.S. Immigration & Citizenship
Allan Wernick
Practical tips to obtain a Greencard, Citizenship, Visa, etc
A top U.S. immigration lawyer not only shows you how to take shortcuts to speed up the process but also how you can avoid the traps that can block your way. ..more

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How to Take Notes
Ron Fry
How to take effective, exam-perfect notes in class, library, or from your textbooks for revision and test preparation. Complete with step-by-step practice exercises. ..more

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How to Write Papers
Ron Fry
Master the art of producing A-grade written assignments, term papers and project reports. * How to select a topic * How to locate references * Tips & tricks to organise your material. ..more

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How to Ace Any Test
Ron Fry
Step-by-step method of scoring better than your best in every exam... each time. After all, that’s what decides which college you get to attend or whether you are selected for the top jobs. ..more

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