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Getting Along Better with People
C.N. Parkinson , M.K. Rustomji
This direct, easy to understand book contains pithy, ready-to-apply lessons on how to work smoothly and successfully with other people. Sparkling with brilliance and humour, it is “a treasure-trove for managers and executives at all levels”. ..more

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How to Improve Your Negotiation Skills
Dennis A. Hawver
In this book, the author shows some new techniques based on a 5-year global study of more than 500 successful business negotiators for developing negotiation skills — and when to use them. ..more

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Speaking Globally
Effective Presentations Across International and Cultural Boundaries

Elizabeth Urech
Every manager's guide to international business speaking success, plus business protocol for 50 countries.

"This book is a real winner ... packed with practical tips" —John Naisbitt ..more

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The Manager's Question & Answer Book
190 Important Questions — with Practical Answers to Make You a Better Manager

Florence M. Stone
Practical, actionable answers to the recurring challenges every manager faces ..more

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The Art of Technology Management
Top technology managers reveal the secrets of successfully using technology to drive business growth

CEO Speak Series
From inside the minds of successful CTOs from around the world, here are invaluable lessons on using and leveraging technology.

Lessons you can apply and profit from. Real-world lessons you won't find anywhere else. ..more

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Personal PR and Making a Name for Yourself
How to stand out from a crowd

Colleen Burns Inches
Sachidananda Mohanty

Have you ever wished you could sell yourself the way advertisers promote products?

Wouldn’t you love to say, “Hey world, here I am. I’m the best product in the market!”

This book shows you how to use self promotion in your career, business or any aspect of your life.


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The Business Speaker’s Handbook
Patrick Forsyth
Ready-to-use formats and sample material, ideas and quotes for every speaking occasions. This unique book is designed to help managers to speak well and be able to prepare for it fast. ..more

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People Delight :
Innovative Ideas to Motivate Your Team

Rajiv Khurana
101 high-impact and low-cost motivative ideas for rewarding and recognising good work for creating excitement and involvement, for building team spirit and sharpening team effectiveness. ..more

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The Secret of Executive Excellence

Auren Uris
Delegation is the secret weapon of successful executives. This internationally bestselling book describes:

6 steps to successful delegation;
10 tasks most readily delegated; and
Real-life examples and self-rating quizzes. ..more

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The Paperwork Jungle
How to get out of it

C.N. Parkinson , M.K. Rustomji , A.V. Deshmane
This book shows you how to cut through the jungle of paperwork and red-tape which engulfs every office. The proven work simplification methods are highlighted through examples. ..more

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How to Reduce Costs & Improve Profits
Successful Solutions for Business Owners and Managers

Harry E. Figgie
This book will arm you with the three basic and proven steps for achieving effective cost savings — Organization Analysis, Ratio Analysis and Work Sampling. Plus, dozens of valuable tips for cutting costs and easy-to-use analytical techniques. ..more

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