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Channel Analysis
The Trader's Key to Share Price Prediction
Brian J. Millard Channel Analysis : Brian J. Millard : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170948096)
Pages: 260
Price: Rs. 495
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: 9788170948094 / 8170948096
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Published in 2011
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Table of Contents

How to Make Money by Predicting Share Pricing through Channel Analysis

A part of share price movement is, indeed, random and therefore unpredictable. However, some identifiable cycles are also present in share price data. This book shows how channel analysis can be used to determine the positions of such cycles, thus providing investors and traders a most powerful prediction tool for forecasting share prices and identifying profitable buying and selling opportunities in the near future.

Channel analysis enables traders to:

  • Understand the nature of share price movement

  • Analyse trends in share prices

  • Isolate price trends from complex movement

  • Identify the start and end of trends quickly

  • Predict future share price movements

  • Identify the cycles present in share price data

  • Profit from the relationship between moving averages and channels

  • Identify turning points in share averages for greater profit potential

  • Rapidly scan a pool of 50 to 100 shares for new opportunities

  • Select the right stop-loss methods to use as added insurance against extreme random movements.

Brian Millard is widely acknowledged as having taken forward the work of J. M. Hurst to a higher level by analysing the cycles present in price movements. This classic text shows how traders can use channel analysis to predict share prices, thus unlocking the key to making money in the markets.


"Many authors have attempted to unravel the mysteries of the markets and have used a variety of tools to forecast the future trends of markets with varying degrees of success.

In the book Channel Analysis, author Brian J. Millard draws upon the pioneering work of the J M Hurst, who advocated channel analysis and put forth the theory that price behaviour in the financial markets is cyclical in nature and therefore can be anticipated with some degree of accuracy. It would not be an exaggeration to state that Millard has taken Hurst's work to the next level by employing modern day tools like computers and spreadsheets, that were absent in Hurst's era. The language is simple to read for the beginner in the field of technical analysis and elaborates upon the systems put forth with a liberal use of graphics.

I believe chapters 5 - 8 form the heart of the matter and should be read and re-read a few times to grasp the enormity of the implications that deploying these methods can have on your trading / investing profits. There should be no excuse for missing this excellent book."

   Vijay L. Bhambwani, Technical Analyst, CEO - BSPLIndia.com

"An interesting book . . . a worthwhile read"  Your Trading Edge, UK

Brian J. Millard

BRIAN J. MILLARD'S background was as a scientist, and until 1980 he was a senior lecturer at the University of London, publishing over seventy scientific papers.

He later became interested in the work of J.M. Hurst on cycles and channels in the stock market and as this interest grew, spent time carrying out research in this field. Following his landmark book 'Stocks and Shares Simplified', published in 1980, Brian wrote a further five books on the application of scientific methods to the stock market.

His books on channel analysis are now universally recognised as taking forward the work of J.M. Hurst to a higher level by analysing price movement and especially the occurrence of predictable cycles in market data.

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