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Timing the Market
How to Profit in Bull and Bear Markets With Technical Analysis
Curtis M. Arnold Timing the Market : Curtis M. Arnold : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 817094662X)
Pages: 232
Price: Rs. 295
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: 9788170946625 / 817094662X
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Table of Contents

Technical analysis has been proven time and again to be the most reliable method for timing the market. It is a method for forecasting stock market trends and timing critical points for specific buying and selling signals. It’s accurate, unemotional, and can be very profitable in both bull and bear markets.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced investor, Timing the Market puts the principles and applications of technical analysis on your fingertips:

  • Why technical analysis works - and how you can profit from it

  • How price charts reveal trends and trendlines

  • Important market reversal and consolidation patterns

  • How to determine support and resistance levels

  • Moving averages and trend following systems

  • Momentum and other short term indicators

  • How to determine the strength of the prevailing trend

  • How to figure out the outperforming industry groups

  • How to evaluate the prevailing market sentiment

  • Timing and trading the derivatives market - how to develop a consistently profitable trading system.


“An excellent introduction to technical analysis techniques”  —Robert Prechter, Editor, The Elliot Wave Theorist.

“The Bible of Technical Analysis!”  —John Bernstein, MBH Commodity Advisors, USA

“Technical analysis from A-Z, top to bottom, absolutely first rate in both readability and quality of content. The cost of the book pales in comparison to the thousands of dollars that could be saved and earned every year by the average investor who reads Timing the Market.”  —Lee Finberg, Vice President, Futures, Prudential Bache, USA.

“A concise and clearly written primer on technical analysis techniques that work. I recommend it as the beginning point in a new trader’s market education”  —Stephen Elliot Briese, Editor, Bullish Review of Commodity Futures Markets, USA

“A good overview of technical analysis tools . . . should give any new aspiring technician or trader a great foundation on which to build”  —Timothy Slater, President, CompuTrac Software, Inc., USA

Curtis M. Arnold

Curtis M. Arnold is a full-time, independent trader who believes research is an important aspect of trading and that a good trader never leaves the research arena. In 1991, he earned the coveted ‘‘Trading Method of the Year’’ award from SuperTrader’s Almanac for his commodity trading system, Pattern Probability Strategy. In addition to his own trading, Mr. Arnold trains a limited number of students via a unique mentor/apprentice arrangement. Previously, he was Director of Technical Research at an economic research firm. Mr. Arnold has published a wealth of technical articles, books and original research in the field and has lectured at many seminars and conferences. He has degrees in computer science and business.

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