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India and its Army
Rajesh Kadian India and its Army : Rajesh Kadian : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: 8170940494)
Pages: 188
Price: Rs. 125
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: / 8170940494
Availability: Yes
Published in 1990
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This book is a critical, contemporary view of the modern Indian Army: at 1 million strong, "the largest volunteer army in the world ... and also the only apolitical army in the third world without any Cromwell or Napoleon having risen from its ranks to acquire power ... a powerful visible army, but little-known or understood."

Starting with a concise history of the army since its inception, the book reviews in depth India’s military relationships with China, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Among the aspects covered are: a dispassionate look at past conflicts, the likelihood of future wars, including the possible use of nuclear weapons. The army’s interaction with its political masters, its experience of tackling various insurgencies, its relationship with the media, and the emerging prickly issue of arms production and procurement are also closely examined.

An analysis of the ethos and traditions of the army reveals many an interesting insight and anecdote. Some surprising and unpleasant facts emerge as well. Timely cautionary alarms are sounded with regard to the possible impact upon it of the militant Sikh and Gorkha agitations. A peep into the future shows a third world army only partly equipped with high technology weapon systems and but poorly poised to lend support should the country adopt a more venturesome foreign policy.


“ ...an extremely good job in bringing out thought-provoking issues with an unbiased mind.”  —USI Journal

“Kadian has provided ... useful books for anyone interested in South Asian military affairs.”  —Military Review, USA

“A quick but discerning scan of the Army’s evolution from the East India Company’s watchmen to the standing army that it is today.”  —The Hindu

“The right book at the right time ... Excellent, lucid and full of information.”  —Khushwant Singh

Rajesh Kadian

Rajesh Kadian is an Indian-born medical specialist in practice in the United States of America. He comes from a military family and has keenly examined Indian strategic issues from close quarters for a number of years.

Since 1990, he has published critically acclaimed and engagingly readable books on The Indian Army, India’s Sri Lanka Fiasco (1987-1990), The Kashmir Tangle and Tibet, India and China.

Three years of extensive research in three continents has gone into the making of this book, including trips to India, Tibet and Nepal and meetings and interviews with the Dalai Lama, most members of his Kashag (cabinet), Chinese officials, including one who has dealt with Tibet since 1951, numerous noted scholars and members of the Indian government, both active and retired.

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