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Glossary of Frequently Used Acronyms


Part I: Axe, Not Evade, Tax

1. Income Tax

2. Wealth Tax & Gift Tax Gone? Not Really

3. Salary and Perquisites

4. Retirement Benefits

5. Capital Gains

6. House Property

7. Hindu Undivided Family

8. Preparation of a Will

9. Partnership Firms & AoP/BOI

10. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

11. Private Family Trusts

12. Religious and Charitable Trusts

13. STT, CTT & DDT

14. PAN is PAIN

15. Tedious TDS

Part II: Select and Collect

16. Public Provident Fund (PPF)

17. National Pension Scheme (NPS)

18. Post Office Small Savings Schemes

19. Insurance on Life

20. Mutual Funds

21. REIT & InvIT & AIF

22. Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP)

23. Bulls, Bears and Bakras

24. Tear the Share

25. Futures and Options

26. Scheduled Banks

27. RBI Savings & Gold Bonds

28. Company Fixed Deposits

Part III: Appendices -- Mathematics of Finance

Appendix A.: Compound Interest

Appendix B.: Annuity

Appendix C.: Present Value

Appendix D.: Interest at Higher Frequency

Appendix E.: Advance Contribution

Appendix F.: Effective Rate of Interest after Tax

Appendix G.: General Formula

Part IV: Measure Your Money

Table I : Compound Amount of Rs. 1

Table II. : Annuity Value of Rs. 1

Table III. : Present Value of Rs. 1 Received After 'n' Years

Table IV. : Present Value of Rs. 1 Received Annually for 'n' Years

Table V. : Compound Amount of Rs. 1 at Higher Frequencies

Table VI. : Break-Even & Equivalent Rates of Interest Received Annually