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Stock Markets Know Your Battleground

Chapter 1. Secrets of the Stock Market

- Markets are Volatile and Mean Reverting
- Are Markets Irresponsible?
- Markets are Not for the Ignorant
- Impact of Insiders on the Markets
- The Dow Theory is Essentially Correct
- The Markets Discount Everything

Chapter 2. Fundamental Analysis versus Technical Analysis

- Fundamental Analysis
- Technical Analysis

Chapter 3. The Fear of Getting Ruined

Chapter 4. The Ingredients of Success in Trading

- Have Realistic Expectations

Chapter 5. Trader versus Investor

Chapter 6. News, Views and Tips

- GDP and Stock Prices
- Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
- Interest Rates
- Company Results and Announcements
- Views and Tips

Chapter 7. Beware the Myth that "This Time It's Different!"

The Essentials of Trading

Chapter 8. Averaging is Not a Trading Technique

Chapter 9. Stop Loss

- Estimated Stop Loss and Actual Stop Loss
- How to Determine Stop Loss Levels
- Initial Stop Loss and Trailing Stop Loss
- What about Targets?

Chapter 10. Money Management and Position Sizing

- Money Management
- Position Sizing
- Summary of Money Management and Position Sizing Rules
- Gaps

Chapter 11. Drawdowns and Profits

- When to Increase Risk

Chapter 12. Some Details for Novice Traders

- Long Position
- Short Position
- Cash Market
- Futures Market
- Options

The Fearless Trading System

Chapter 13. Mechanical Swings

Chapter 14. Parameters of the Fearless Trading System

- Price Chart
- Determining the Trend on the Higher Time Frame Chart
- Use of Daily MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence)
- 8DMA and 21DMA Crossovers

Chapter 15. Rules of the Fearless Trading System

- When 13WMA is Above 34WMA
- When 13WMA is Below 34WMA

Chapter 16. Why the Fearless Trading System Works

- The Pro-Trend Trade
The Contra-Trend Trade
- Reversal Trade
- Entries and Exits
- Position Size

Chapter 17. Real-Life Trading Using the Daily Chart

- Net Profit for the Year
- How the Fearless Trading System Performed During the Market Fall of 2018

Chapter 18. Short Term Trading

Chapter 19. Time Diversification

Chapter 20. How to Hedge Your Portfolio with Nifty Futures

- Hedging by Buying Put Options
Hedging by Selling Nifty Futures

Chapter 21. Relative Strength Buy High, Sell Higher

Chapter 22. Intraday Trading, Anyone?

Chapter 23. Trading Forex and Commodities

Chapter 24. Some Other Considerations

- Changing the Trading System
- Diversification
- Managing Surplus Funds

Chapter 25. Why I am Sharing My Trading System with You

Chapter 26. Why My System is the Best

- Dow Theory
- Elliot Wave Theory
- Gann Theories
- Fibonacci Numbers and Ratios
- Momentum Indicators and Divergences
- Volume
- Open Interest
- Put Call Ratio (PCR)

Trading in Real Life

Chapter 27. Technical Analysis Software

Chapter 28. Trading Protocol

- Pre-Trade Check
Trade Entry
- Exits

Chapter 29. Nifty versus Sensex

References and Further Reading