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Introduction: Why a Book on Day Trading?

1. The “I Know it All” Syndrome

2. The Newcomer’s Costly Myth

3. Should You Be in the Stock Market?

1. Are You Mentally Prepared for the Stock Markets?

2. Are You Physically Fit for the Stock Markets?

3. Are You Financially Fit for the Stock Markets?

4. Where to Start?

5. Are You a Day Trader, Positional Trader or an Investor?

6. Day Trading is Not for the Weak-Hearted

7. Understanding Trends

The Effect of Sentiment on Trends

Wishful Trend

Up Trend

Down Trend

Sideways Trend

8. Understanding Price

Decoding Price

9. Listen to What the Price Tells You

Candlestick Charts

Different Shapes and Colours of Candles

10. Chart Time Frames

11. Trading on an Invitation

Chat with the Candlestick

Trade Entry

Trade Invitation

How Big Moves Happen

12. Identifying Sentiment Shift

1. Flag Formation

2. Sideways Breakouts

3. Trend Change Breakout

13. How to Validate a Trade Invitation

How Volumes Validate a Trade Invitation

14. Risk Management

Where to Place a Stop Loss

15. When to Exit a Trade Using Running Price, Stagnant Price Logic

How Much Profit is Good Profit?

Running Price, Stagnant Price


16. How to Make Yourself Comfortable

17. How to Control Losing Trades: Trading Liquid Markets and Stocks

18. Live Trade! -- A Case Study

19. Money Management

20. Trade Discipline

21. Wait for the Right Opportunity to Trade

22. Mandar's 80:20 Rule of the Stock Markets

23. 7 Rules to Win in the Stock Markets

24. How Much Knowledge is Enough?

25. Using Technical Analysis Software