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Part 1: Personal Transformation

1. On Your Marks, Get Set, Dream!

n "Don't Just Sit There Dreaming! Do Something!!"

n Let's All Become Five-Year Olds Again

2. The Great Barrier Reef

n The Internal Barriers

n The External Barriers

n Busting Those Barriers

n Myths about Running: Some Half-Truths and Some Facts

n Benefits of Running Are Multi-dimensional and
Life-Changing, Almost Miraculous

n "I have No Time to Run I Am Just Too Busy"

n Move Beyond the Barrier, Enjoy the Reef

3. Why on Earth!

n The Key to Life

n October 7, 2001, Chicago Marathon: 20-mile Marker

n The Runner's High

n So, Why on Earth?

4. Starting Pains

n Minimize Starting Pains

5. A Pregnant Pause? Never
by Evette Cordy

6. Unlearning to Learn

n Unlearn and Learn

n There's No Such Thing as Failure

7. Commitment and Focus

n Big Dreams, Small Steps

n Celebrate Each Win, Smile Along the Way

8. Humility Revisited: The Fine Line between
Self Confidence and Arrogance

n A Few Learnings for Life After a 75-Kilometre Run

n No Problem is So Large That It is Insurmountable

9. Thinking and Doing Big

10. The Panoramic View

n The Runners High, Spirituality, and Tranquillity

n Running and Meditation

11. Everest Base Camp Marathon: Learnings
From a Fabulous Journey

12. On Top of the World

Part 2: Going Beyond

13. Sweat Equity into Relationships: Run Together,
Bond Together

14. Transforming Your Community

15. Enterprise Transformation