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Introduction: How Foolish Investors Make Others Rich
with Their Hard-Earned Money

1. Most Investors are Idiots

Stop Being an Idiot and Make the Right
Investment Decisions

Check the Intentions of the Company Promoter /

Invest in Money Managers Who Work for
You, Not for Themselves

Know What You are Buying

The TINA Fallacy: There are Always

2. Start Thinking for Yourself and Make Your
Money Work for You

Thinking about Your Investments

I Think, therefore I Invest

3. Timing is Extremely Important

Timing Your Investments

4. Equity is Not a One-Way Street

Asset Allocation is the Easiest Advice to Peddle

Markets Will Bounce Back

What are the Alternatives?

5. Don't Listen to Market Pundits

The Worst Peddlers of Free Advice

How to Use Free Advice to Your Advantage

6. Don't Ignore What You See Right in Front of
Your Eyes

The "Last Rupee"

The Markets Don't Wait for You to Act

What is "the Obvious"?

Markets are Like Fair-Weather Friends

Did You See It but Still Ignored It?

7. When One Year Becomes Three Years

Three Can Also Become One

Forget the Past and Focus on the Present

Stars Yesterday, Duds Today

8. Never Follow Other Investors — They May
Have a Different Perspective

Categories of Investors / Fund Managers

Large Investors Can Also Be Scamsters — Another
Reason Not to Follow Them

9. Simplify Your Investments

What is a Simple Portfolio?


10. Beware the Flavour-of-the-Day Investments

Invest Early into the Next Flavour-of-the-Day

Good Times Bring Out the Worst

Look at Past Returns Only if They Are Bad

11. Types of Investors

How to Become a Smart Investor

How to Make the Right Investments

Horses for Courses

Direct Investing or Indirect Investing?

Taking the Right Route

Conclusion: How to Make Money Only for Yourself

Know Your Limitations