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Gambling is Investing

Investing is Gambling

Part 1: Parlays

Concept: The Geometric Progression

Rule 1: Start Early

Rule 2: Never Offer an Unlimited Parlay

Rule 3: Keep a Reserve Tank

Rule 4: Never Chase Your Losses

Rule 5: Stay in Your League

Rule 6: Gamble Your Early Winnings

Rule 7: Don't Get Addicted

Rule 8: Bid Boldly, Play Safe

Case Study: The Club Bridge Gambler

Case Study: The Bingo Gambler

Case Study: The Roulette Gambler

Case Study: The Texas Hold ‘Em Gambler

Part 2: Pitfalls

Pitfalls and the Power of Zero

Rule 9: Never Bet Too Big . . .

Rule 10: . . . And Never Bet Too Small

Rule 11: Turn Down Proposition Bets

Rule 12: Visit the Parade Ring

Rule 13: Don't Get in Hock to the Bookies

Rule 14: Keep Emotion Out of it

Rule 15: Never Listen to Tips

Rule 16: Watch the Dealer

Rule 17: Don't Bluff to Bluff

Rule 18: Do Not Cheat

Rule 19: Engage Mathematics as Your Servant,
Not Your Master

Case Study: The Craps Gambler

Case Study: The One-Armed Bandit Gambler

Part 3: The Plateau

Concept: Making the Theory of Large
Numbers Work for You

Rule 20: Sessions Are Not Seasons

Rule 21: Seasons Are Not Sessions

Rule 22: Don't Think of Gains or Losses as
Spending Money Until the Game is Over

Rule 23: Manage Your Money

Rule 24: Set Targets

Rule 25: Reduce Risks with Time

Rule 26: Look for a Middle

Case Study: The Blackjack Gambler

Part 4: Percentages

Concept: Percentages, Odds,
Ratios and Probabilities

Rule 27: Study the Form

Rule 28: Turn Down Most Bets

Rule 29: Small Percentages Are Big Percentages

Rule 30: Study Your Opponents

Rule 31: Beware of Long Odds

Rule 32: Never Follow a Springer to Starting Price

Rule 33: Never Bet Ante-Post

Rule 34: Get to Know the Trainer

Case Study: The Professional Racing Gambler

Rule 35: The Ultimate Rule